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× How to join the TSPC TEAM

1: Create a techspotpc.com website account by clicking (REGISTER) found in the login box located at the right side of the page...

Please note:
  • • Please use your IN GAME nickname as your website user name.
  • • The website will send you a confirmation email to your VALID EMAIL ADRESS Click the link to activate.
  • [/b]

    2: Bellow this post…. Click the game title forum that you wish to join.
  • • TrackMania 2 Canyon / Stadium Team Signup..
  • • ShootMania Storm Signup..
  • • Mechwarrior Online Signup..
  • [/b][/ul]

    3: Please post a brief introduction about yourself and why you feel you wish to join our team by clicking ((REPLY TOPIC)) BELOW THE POST.

    Please include the following information with your introduction/request post:
  • •Post which games you play TMNF / TMUF /TM2 / SMS / MWO
  • •How long you have played...
  • •You’re IN GAME Nick Name (which should be the same as your website user nickname)...
  • •Please include any other teams you may have belonged to in the past (if any)..
  • •Please include any other teams you may belong to NOW (if any)..
  • [/b]
    Please NOTE: To be eligible for a membership as an Official TSPC Team Member, you cannot currently belong to any other TM2 / SMS / MWO Based Teams.

    4: Once you have posted your information as requested above please be sure to check back to this forum for a response from one of our TSPC TEAM RECRUITERS

    5: Be sure to spend time on our servers so we may get to know you a little better (if we do not already know you Introduce yourself to any TSPC drivers you may see and let them know you wish to join the team A recruiter WILL RESPOND TO YOUR POST HERE and advise you of your status as they see fit.


    When or If your membership as a TEAM MEMBER is accepted you will be notified by a Recruiter as well as receive a PM from me (TurboTech) letting you know that your Site Team Access has been granted as well as the format for our official TSPC Team TAGS which you will then need to update your in game nick with. At that time and ONLY at that time will you be an actual member of our team.

    Thank-you for your interest and Good Luck.

    PLEASE BE AWARE: We are no longer supporting TMNF/TMUF TEAMS however if you are in fact a member of the TSPC TEAM you are more than welcome to use your TEAM TAG in the older games “The tag format is applied exactly as it is in Mania planet TM2

    TM2 Canyon Team New Applicant Signups.

    4 years 6 months ago - 4 years 6 months ago #196 by TurboTech
    TurboTech created the topic: TM2 Canyon Team New Applicant Signups.
    Please post in this thread to apply to the TSPC Canyon Team. Remember to be considered you MUST follow all instructions listed above "Or I will ignore your application"

    Please remember (creating a website account does NOT make a TSPC Team member.
    Creating a website account will make you a "TSPC Community Member".

    When I have reviewed your information I will contact you and authorize you for full team website access!

    Thank you for your interest!
    Last Edit: 4 years 6 months ago by TurboTech.

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