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New display on the servers

5 years 10 months ago #146 by BigBen
BigBen created the topic: New display on the servers
Just thinking it would be a good idea to have a list of our other servers and there status on each server e.g how many players are playing and that its online. I think if you moved the dedi times on the left-hand side down a little you could fit a small table in between it and the TSPC logo
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5 years 10 months ago - 5 years 10 months ago #147 by TurboTech
TurboTech replied the topic: New display on the servers
lolol >< I like you hehe "your a thinker" :D

Fact of the matter is, In TMNF/TMUF we have had the very same system for all of those servers for years. "Server Neighborhood" is its name, "Our TSPC JUMPGATE" that does exactly as you have posted.

I started to work on getting that HUD feature to work 5 days ago and is what spawned the complete rebuild of our game server cores.

The Server Neighborhood displays"

Server Name.
Number of players.
Number of Slots.
Official Ladder point rank, ie: 50k 60k 70k 80k 90k.
Also shows if a room is LOCKED or UNLOCKED.
If the server is OFFLINE for any reason the menu button for that server simply will not appear on any other server the Jump Gate is linked to.

It displays all servers in a nice neat menu listing "which by the way fills the void just bellow the Dedimania records widget :D " found on the left side of the HUD.

When you click on a room, a window opens in the middle of your screen and lists:
The name of each player currently in the room.
The current Map that is in play.
Gives you a button to (close the window should you not wish to jump to another server).
Gives you a large button that when clicked will automatically remove you from the current server & parks you instantly at the START LINE of the selected server.

As the story goes starting this past Monday, I had tried getting that plugin to work on our Stadium servers, it was last updated for "Canyon" by its author UnDef of Germany "who btw is the author and creator of all of our currently used HUD widget scripts". After posting a question as to if this script was working for TM2 Stadium in the ManiaPlanet forums he sent me a PM asking if I would be interested in ALPHA testing the script on our servers. I of course accepted the challenge as I have done that type of thing for many many years ALPHA/BETA tester of multiple products "including TMU, TMUF, TM2C, TM2S, TMSMS" as well as other software non TM related.

While trying to get it to function properly I started finding the issues "which at the time I ASSUMED were caused by the BETA status of ManiaPlanet & the Dedicated server core itself" figuring there would soon be updates to resolve the issues. I was wrong, yes "it happens" hence the full 100% bumper to bumper "from the ground up rebuild".

Good news is:
The rebuild should be implemented SATURDAY for all servers if things progress as they have so far.
I have also now joined with UnDef as one of his remote ALPHA/BETA testers "which will keep us on the cutting edge of features" from here on in.

Bad news is:
At the moment, this specific script is still having issues which I am communicating with Undef to help resolve the problems.
It is unknown how long it may be before this system is ready for use as we are having some problems with it at the moment.

Like myself, UnDef has the same "real world" issues as most people "family, work, life etc" as he too uses a large chunk of "his personal free time" to create and update these features for the community "for free I might add as hosts & community developers receive no compensation from Nadeo or UBI in any way", so at the moment I can not simply give anyone a specific time frame as to when this issue will be completely resolved. He has been working hard to update all of his products since the release of Stadium and MP Open Beta and has quite a bit on his plate as it is so we will simply need to wait.

There are other tools that do close to the same thing out there, couldn't tell you if they work or not at this moment as Nadeo continues to make needed changes to the back end of ManiaPlanet dedicated servers & the over all game client itself. Considering I know his work and he is a great coder like Xymph "creator of our XAseco2 Scoring system which allows script writers like UnDef to integrate plugins directly in to the core, I would just assume WAIT for the product to keep things clean & compatible.

Current status of this plugin: I can get it to communicate with the back end, the other servers as well without ANY errors however getting it to display properly on the front end "User HUD" is still having some issues at the moment so it is a work in progress.

I am hoping when all is said and done that it may work like the TMNF/TMUF gate to where it may allow players to jump from say Canyon to a Stadium OR SMS server if they have the titles installed on their ManiaPlanet client. (This is however completely unknown until it is working for at least 1 game).

Bottom line this feature WILL return ASAP. :D

Please by all means I am open to any and or all suggestions so if you or any others have ideas (Post in the Suggestion Box) and I will look into them :D

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5 years 10 months ago #149 by BigBen
BigBen replied the topic: New display on the servers
haha great minds think alike ;D
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