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1: Please include the game server name

2: Game Enviroment ie: Canyon, Stadium, Valley

3: Map Name "If Possible"

4: Details about what happened.

(FIX) How to make your cars visible in game.

6 years 2 days ago - 4 years 6 months ago #106 by TurboTech
TurboTech created the topic: (FIX) How to make your cars visible in game.
If other Maniaplanet players can not see your cars or avatars please do the following…..

IF YOU ARE NEW TO Track mania PLEASE NOTE: In order for your content to be uploaded to other players and or downloaded from them “if you do not see them” you must OPEN 2 PORTS ON YOUR ROUTER/FIREWALL.

To view the current ports configured in your game client please do the following:

1: Be sure you are running the latest build of TM2

2: Launch game “Mania Planet” do not click PLAY.

3: click the following: Click (Configure)/(Advanced)/(Network) – Listed at the top of the window you will see SERVER PORT: XXXX and P2P Server Port: XXXX XXXX= the default port number your game is currently set at. You may change these ports as needed however be sure to open the ports on your ROUTER/FIREWALL.

1: Go to www.Portforward.com

2: in top menu click (ROUTERS)

3: You will be presented with a long list of ROUTER BRANDS, please select your router brand i.e.: D-link, Linksys, Belkin, CISCO, Netgear, etc.

4: Next you will be presented with all model numbers of your selected router brand, select the specific router model number of your router i.e.: DIR-655

5: Next you will be presented with a long list of Software & Game titles, select (TRACK MANIA)

6: You will be presented with a step by step instruction guide on how to open the ports for your TM Game (Including pictures as reference of your selected ROUTER MODLE). Do as instructed and you will see it is a very easy thing to do!


1: All Nadeo Track Mania games: Original, Sunrise, TMN, TMNF, TMUF, TM2 Canyon & ALL MANIA PLANET GAMES use this same exact method and from what I remember & the same DEFAULT PORTS of 2350 & 3450 TCP/UDP

2: Since this is TRUE, you should be able to configure ALL of your TM Titles to the same port numbers (OR USE THE DEFAULTS OF THE GAME) and once you have opened the ports, you should not need to open additional (unless for some bizarre reason you intend on running multiple titles of TM at the same time.)


PLEASE BE AWARE: To successfully use the ports that you have opened your PC MUST BE ASSINGED A STATIC IP ADDRESS to your ROUTER i.e. : Refer to your router user hardware manual .

Another option “however I have never used this” is to use Portforward.com’s (Free Software to Set up a Static IP Address) located at portforward.com/help/setup_static_ip_address.htm
Last Edit: 4 years 6 months ago by TurboTech.

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