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Welcome To TSPC!!


Hello all, My name is Rich “TurboTech” Warren, and I would like to thank you for your interest in TSPC! I am the founder, creator, administrator and over all owner of all things TSPC. Should you have additional questions do not hesitate to (PM) or Email me via the “Contact Us” link found in the USER MENU of this website.  Many of you may wonder just “what is TechSpotPC, should I join, do I belong there?” If you have asked these questions, then you are on the right path.


History: TechSpotPC was originally formed back in 1998 during the era of a great game which was titled “MechWarrior4 Vengeance”. The site originally was a place for other team members to go to find downloads, information, technical support, as well as a few great Battle-Tech picture galleries. Over the years I have tried to find ways to keep the site alive by jumping from game to game supporting what I could for the benefit of the community as a whole. There have been a number of changes made to the website and community over the years, and to date, the community is still growing.


 As of 2004 when TrackMania rolled out its TrackMania Nations “Free” Game client “which few had heard of at that time”, my 11 year old son of all people was the one who stumbled upon the game itself, then passed it on to me. I was floored that such a game existed, with its higher end graphics, extreme “unrealistic yet fun” physics engine, the ability to create your own custom content and share it with the rest of the world, with a fast growing community worldwide, for FREE? “No one gives away games, well, at least not anything really worth playing for any long period of time”, however this one was a game changer all the way around.


 Soon after getting my “feet wet” with the game it was not long before I endeavored to create the very first TechSpotPC TMN Game server entitled “TSPC SPEEDZONE EXTREME”, listed still to this day in the USA / New York Zone of TrackMania Forever, and is hands down our most popular server to date. Many new players flocked to the server and over time it developed its own reputation and followers, if you will.


 Although tracks have changed as well as the overall format of that specific server over the years, popularity continued to grow. As of 2006 with having a number of people “who still play on our servers today” ask the question “Can I join the TSPC Team?”, which did not really exist at the time, I decided to let people join and they would sport a “TSPC TAG”. This “team or club” was the foundation of what we have today. Back then the main thing was pretty much, “having a place to call home”, there was no real “race team” that would go out and hammer on other TMN teams on a regular basis, it was more of a “Buddy-club” over all. We all enjoyed getting together and just flat out beating the “snot” out of any tracks we could get our hands on.


 As time progressed, many who had joined our “team” started getting the “itch” to race competitively versus other teams and had contacted me with this information repeatedly, so, TSPC then started accepting these “challenges” and over time became a very solid team over all.


 Over the years, people have come, people have gone, however TSPC still lives today. Hundreds of people have joined our team “if not for only a while” and have helped shape what TSPC is over all today “I couldn’t have done it without them”, and would like to extend a great THANKS to all of you!


 Since the “official TSPC TEAM” has formed, we have tried very hard to use history as a guide for the future, we have made a number of changes, tried a number of different ideas that other team members have suggested, which over all ended with mixed results “Good and Bad”. In saying that, TSPC has once again taken a greater turn for the “better” in my opinion and now we are striving to return to the more simple time of the game yet meet the needs of the people who strive for solid competition.


 After great deliberation and consideration of many great ideas from our community members, I am happy to announce that once again TSPC will come out on top in the long run!  At this stage of the game with the diversified level of players we have among us, I have decided once and for all to retool TSPC so it will cater to ALL DRIVERS, from the newest of the noobs to the razor sharp TMF drivers of the team.


 How you ask? “It’s simple”.


With TrackMania 2 on the horizon and the fact that TrackMania Nations & United Forever will continue on for many years to come, with the looming threat of the TM Community over all wondering if the new game will “Unify or Divide” the TM Community as a whole TSPC has taken steps to relieve those thoughts and create a stable environment that people may get involved with KNOWING that TSPC is not going to shut down “like oh- so many teams and communities have over the past year or two”,  and that they can feel secure knowing they are not wasting their time by joining our team as we plan on being here for many years to come!


 TrackMania Nations Forever & TrackMania United Forever support will continue long after the new TrackMania 2 game is released and personally do not foresee it being shut down any time soon for any reason as the NEW TM2 game will be “new environment’s to enhance those we already have in TMUF.


New Developments in TSPC:


As posted above, TSPC is now for EVERYONE of EVERY SKILL LEVEL! “huh? How do you figure”. With the changes I have been making to the overall team structure, it will enable players of ANY SKILL LEVEL to join our team, have the time to develop their driving skills, and have internal ways to MOVE UP THE RANKING LADDER of TSPC based on skill levels and dedication to the game itself.


 There are now 3 levels that have been defined in the TSPC TEAM COMMUNITY…


1. Anyone can join our team. At the entry level all players, “after being accepted by our team”, will have full team access to all site and in game resources. They are NOT REQUIRED to participate in team race events “however are welcome to do so”. The race venue for this level will be restricted to “Multi-Day, or Week-long” type races Vs. other teams. The rule base for this level differs from the other 2 Team levels and is very laid back, it is meant for the casual players we have who may not have the time, want or skills to participate in hard core Team Vs. Events. Please be sure to read the specific rules for each team level as there are some things that must be done to secure your place with TSPC as we are not looking for people to join “who simply want a Team TAG to display on their in game nickname and will never be around to participate with us. “If you do not read it and you find yourself being bumped from our team or community, do not come crying to me as I will have no sympathy what so ever. “Most things in life do have rules, requirements and things that must be done or maintained to continue membership, TSPC is no different.” –Word of warning & food for thought…


 2. TSPC Xtreme Team.


This is our shining star, this level of involvement is for those drivers who are REALLY INTO THE GAME, and have a raw desire to really compete HEAD TO HEAD with other TMF teams. This level of racing revolves around a “Rounds Format Race Venue”, it is normally a 1 day event “lasts approximately 2 hours of the set day & time. It has very specific scoring rules, number of team players on both sides and is LIVE HEAD TO HEAD with the opposing team. To be considered for the TSPC Elite Squad, first you must “join the team, be accepted”, then at that time you can “Apply” to become a member of this squad. The rule base to become a squad team driver at this level is much different than option 1. This squad is only for those who are SERIOUS ABOUT RACING and anyone found to not be following the set rules will be removed from the squad without bias.


 3. TSPC (ESL) Electronic Sports League.


This is the chit people, for those looking for raw racing opportunities “on the fly” This is where you want to be! TSPC is a registered Team with the ESL which is a team monitored all over the world, it has specific tracks that are used for each format style and type of racing, this level of race competition requires quite a bit of dedication from its drivers as there is the possibility of multiple head to head races each week. The rule base for this level of Team Membership is even stiffer than the first 2, the reason for that is simply the fact that you are competing on a GLOBAL LADDER with many other teams worldwide and penalties for the TSPC TEAM as a whole can be inflicted on us should specific ESL rules and regulations not be adhered to. I will not tolerate any issues in the ESL as it effects TSPC’s overall reputation on a global basis. Again please be sure to check the specific RULE BASE For becoming an ESL TEAM MEMBER.


 As you can see, I am trying very hard to open the doors to TSPC to all types and levels of TM drivers. We are an international team and have drivers spanning the globe from a number of different countries.


Our general rule of thumb is “No Political Bullshit”, “No bashing drivers of lesser skills or abilities”, and over all “Keep it clean” in our forums and game servers. TSPC has developed a reputation for not letting nonsense as posted above become a part of our community. We have many game administrators who monitor ALL of our game servers every day of the week and are not above placing a BAN on unruly players looking to simply cause unneeded problems within our community “TROLLS” lol.


 TSPC will also become a MULTI-GAME COMMUNITY as we will soon be adding other titles to our realm. Different game types my soon be supported other than just TrackMania, be it RPG, FPS, or other RACE type games. (When this happens please note, no community members of our team will be required to purchase or participate in any game they wish not to get involved with. It will simply be more options for our current team members to interact with each other in other venues which would strengthen our team and friendships over all.  For the record, short of a catastrophic un avoidable event or release, regardless as to what other games TSPC may soon support, please let it be known that our first and foremost main game will in fact be TrackMania, be that UNITED< FOREVER< or TrackMania 2.


 Although we are currently in the middle of “growing pains” with the new site and soon new servers to access, we would like to invite you to join our growing community but in doing so please be aware we are looking for people to “interact” with the team, be that in game or more importantly IN OUR FORUMS as we like to get to know our players, and the simple fact that all important communication interaction that takes place with our team does so IN THE TSPC FORUMS at this website. To maintain your membership you will be required to PARTICIPATE in our forums as well as be required to check them multiple times per WEEK to secure a specific level of team membership.  PLEASE BE AWARE: We do not and will not at any time post important information inside the game environment itself. You will not hear about NEW MATCHES that are coming up, you will not see important TEAM CHANGES that may have been posted. Bottom line is? If you have no intentions on being a participating member of our team or community and are here only so you can say you belong to a team, don’t bother signing up, it’s that simple as you will be removed from the team in a rather short period of time.


 For those who really enjoy TrackMania, be sure to click JOIN TEAM TSPC and start your application TODAY!


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