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TSPC is broken down into 3 individual participation levels. Please be aware each level has its own specific rule set for very specific reasons. Also be aware there are specific rules as a TSPC Team member that must be followed “regardless as to which team level you are a member of”.
Team Rules are subject to change without warning. In the event of a change you will be notified at the site of said changes as soon as they are posted.
The following rule base will be enforced at all times.


1. All team members will need to visit the website no less than 1x per week as all of our team communications and events will be posted there. More often is much easier to manage.
PLEASE NOTE: You will NOT know what is going on with TSPC if you do not check the site as no information will be passed to you while in game. The site is here for a reason, please use it.

2. Attendance levels will be checked by admins as far as dropping by the site to see what is up so please do not simply say “Yeah I go to the site all of the time” as we will know We are also aware of what topics any player HAS or HAS NOT checked so if you miss something important and something is said to me, I will have no sympathy.

3. All team members while on or off our game servers will treat other players “team or not”, with the same respect as you would expect for yourself. Bashing or flaming other players due to lack of skills, rude comments or harsh language will not be tolerated on any of our servers or forums. As TSPC team representatives we expect the same will be practiced on other game servers throughout the TM Community as a whole.

4. As we are an INTERNATIONAL TEAM, disrespectful comments or “slang” names for people of different nationalities will also not be tolerated. Political nonsense will NOT be discussed while in our game servers. If you have that big of a beef about something of this nature “take it to the forums”.

5. Please use ENGLISH while in our game servers as well as when posting to our forums.

6. Your TSPC Team Tag MUST be used in the same format as it was given to you. The nickname of your choice may be in any color you wish. Please note as our scoring system will not display “Custom characters” If you wish to get credit for any race or times you may achieve you will want these to be in standard text. To see if your nick shows correctly “look yourself up on the TSPC OFFLINE STATS and see if your name appears. If not it will most likely be ??????

7. Please keep your nick name in the game the same as your website name. If you wish to change your “nickname in game” please be sure to notify me and I will make the change to your website account. Once the change has been made, this will be your new website login as well. Due to security reasons, players do NOT have the ability to change their website nickname.

8. VOTE!!!! When you see a poll at our site, it’s there for a reason, please VOTE so we can have the information we need.

9. VOTE!!!! Our tracks on our game servers are regulated by player votes over all, please be sure to vote GOOD OR BAD, ++ or - - or click on the + or - of the “Karma widget” found on the game player screen “you can’t possibly miss it” you have been given 3 options and a voice. Your votes determine what tracks STAY & WHAT TRACKS GO. This is NOT a vote for the track author this is simply telling ME if a track is good enough to keep on that server or if it should be removed due to crappy design, or the fact that it is just simply too difficult for the average players of that server.

10. PLEASE NOTE: ALL RULES CONCERNING ATTENDANCE & COMPETITIONS WILL BE SUSPENDED DURRING THE MONTHS BETWEEN JUNE & SEPTEMBER 15th. The reason for this is simple, most people are trapped inside all winter long and well, they want to have a life as well, during this time period it is a very rare thing to have any type of team competition “perhaps with the exception of TSPC ESL”, You will be notified at the site when we enter and leave this time frame.
“We will still be there however it will be more in the capacity of just flat out having some fun!”


Entry level members of TSPC will be automatically entered into this level of team status. This level has been created for those new to the game OR those who may not have the want or time to compete in a head to head environment however would like to be a part of the TSPC team itself. We currently have many in this level who have been with us for years. We understand that not everyone will wish for heavy competition, some have family responsibilities as well as heavy workloads which only allow them the time to come and play on our game servers when they can.

To maintain level 1 team status please adhere to the following.

1. All team members will need to visit the website no less than 1x per week as all of our team communications and events will be posted there. More often is much easier to manage.

2. Level 1members will be allowed to participate in Multi-Day Team matches only. “Optional”

3. No level 1 member will ever be forced to race in any venue as it is an OPTION for you.

4. To participate in any race you will be required to view the race info thread
and “Sign Up” for the specific event. “It’s quick and simple to do”.

5. If a player signs up for an event please be sure to actually RACE in the event.

More to come….


Level 2 members will belong to what we would like to consider our Elite Squad. These are our hard core drivers who wish to participate in “Live Head To Head” Team Vs Competitions. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS SQUAD IF YOU HAVE NO INTENTIONS OF RACING as you will in fact be removed if you miss too many races. Yes I know things come up however we are making these changes to reduce NO SHOWS when they are in fact needed most. Do not sign up for this squad if you are simply looking for a higher status, as again, you will be removed from the squad if you are not participating in enough events.

As a member of this squad you will be required to adhere to the following.

1. All team members will need to visit the website no less than 3x per week as all of our team communications and events will be posted there. More often is much easier to manage.

2. Level 2 members will be allowed to participate in any Multi-Day Team matches.

3. Level 2 members will be allowed to participate in any Team Vs Head to Head matches.

4. You will be required to race during any race venue that you can attend.

5. When a Team Vs Head to head race is announced, you will be expected to sign up and or post your status. “again, very simple 1 click of the mouse and done”. Your options will be as follows.


We will be tracking exactly who is participating in what events and how often, if it is found you have not been living up to the imposed rules, you will be notified by me with one warning. If it is shown that your participation level is under-par, you will be removed from the Squad.

6. NO SHOWS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. In the event you have signed up for a race and you will not be able to make it you MUST take the time to contact the Team Captain or Squad Leader to inform them so that we may take steps to find a replacement for that driver and I am not talking about 10 minutes before a race, 24 hours would be more reasonable. If you simply “blow off” a race you are signed up to attend without any notification, you had best be “in the hospital, have a valid reason or be dead lol” otherwise you will be removed from the squad “for a undetermined period of time”. If players do not show up at a team vs race, it makes you look bad, makes me look bad & makes TSPC look even worse. There is no reason for it to happen.

7. All drivers unless they have contacted the Squad leader or Team Captain must arrive at the WARZONE or Opposing team’s server 15 minutes prior to any race. This will allow the moderators of the race to cover any additional information you may need to know in advance and will also ensure that the race event itself will START ON TIME. “Please keep in mind, many of our drivers have rather tight schedules and in many cases are making special arrangements in the real world to be able to attend specific races. When there is a start delay, these drivers are now put on the spot and “may in some cases not even have the luxury to finish out the completion due to others lack of curtsy. “ There is no “I” in TEAM “let’s work together and things will go smooth. As a rule most Team Vs matches last approximately 2 hours total.

8. TEAM PRACTICE: Yes you will be required to spend no less than 2 hours per week on the TSPC Practice server. This practice time can be at any time of day or night as with most of our players being from around the world and in different time zones to set a specific team practice time would be rather difficult to do. This may change however only after speaking to all squad drivers and seeing what time slots may be realistic. Another thing to note: you do not necessarily need to complete your “practice quota” all in one chunk. You will have the option of spending 30 min here or 30 min there providing your total for the week adds up to 2 hours minimum “most practice longer”. PLEASE DO NOT SIMPLY PARK YOUR CAR IN THE PRACTICE SERVER AND WALK AWAY “waiting for 2 hours to pass” I will know, I will see, and the system will report what tracks were covered, “time of any records placed” date and time you were in the server itself as it tracks everything. If it is found that you have been doing just that “again, you will be removed from the squad for an undetermined period of time”.
The more you practice tracks, the better you will be on race day, it’s that simple. “More info to come on this subject”.

9. In the event your life schedule changes be it work, school, family, etc, do NOT hesitate to contact me or your squad leader we can make arrangements for you for however long you need. If you find due to the above you do not have the time to live up to the current rules, “don’t just drop off the map, talk to me” we can always remove you from the squad, and then place you back into the squad after your life issues have passed and time is available.

TSPC TEAM LEVEL 3 (ESL) Electronic Sports League.

Currently the ESL for TSPC is suspended due to lack of drivers available to participate on a regular basis this will change only when people sign up for it. Basic rules are posted below however keep in mind the ESL is a much stricter environment and commitment and will in fact need your dedication and razor sharp skills to be competitive.



1. In the event you encounter an unruly player “team or not” instead of striking up an argument with them, simply contact a Game Administrator and ask that said player be “Muted” this will eliminate the persons in game texting options until such time I or another game admin removes the clamp. “If a game administrator is not available at the time, go to our site, under “Servers & Scores” select either option and it will take you to the server info page. From the left side menu, click on the game server the event has taken place in, click REPORT A PROBLEM and post as much information as you can about the issue including player name, date, time of day. As soon as one of the game admins sees this “they will take action”.

2. If the problem with said player is of a much harsher nature, It may be cause for an instant BAN of that player. Player bans will be in effect for whatever time duration the game admin so chooses, after a person has been ban, there is a trial period for the player to prove him or herself as being done with their little rant, should the problem reoccur or simply continue, said player will then be BLACKLISTED from all TSPC game servers and website. Blacklisted generally means Permanent ban.

3. IN THE EVENT OF A GAME SERVER MALFUNCTION, please do as posted above by going to that specific servers menu at the site and simply click REPORT A PROBLEM, let us know what is happening so I may look into the issue itself.
Is the game server lagging out? Music Stuck on same song? Onscreen HUD options not working? Scores not updating? You do not need to be a technician to say HEY SOMETHING IS BORKED ON THIS SERVER!!!! Help me out here folks, take the time to post something, please do NOT ASSUME SOMEONE ELSE WILL DO IT, if you see some other player has already posted? GREAT, if not? Take the second or two it may take to post the problem. ANYTHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING however keep in mind with technical issues, even if you have no clue, the better your description of the problem, the easier it will be for me to repair.

All of these rules are currently up for review by all TSPC team members, please be sure to contact us about any changes that you feel should be made. As this rule base is new, there is much room for adjustments that will work well for everyone.

If you have any additional questions or comments CONTACT ME or better yet, start a thread at the site so we may all speak our minds. The primary reason for these new rules is simple. Many of us dedicate a lot of our own personal time to TSPC and would like to get the most out of it we can without a bunch of nonsense taking place.

PLEASE POST COMMENTS ABOUT THIS LIST IN THIS SAME THREAD. Once we have settled on the rule base it will be moved to its own page and out of the forums themselves.

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